Tuesday, May 30, 2017
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Office of the Speaker

The following were highlights during the financial year:

We have successfully hosted IDP representative forum meetings as required by section 16 of the Municipal Systems Act.

The Community in Maphumulo utilise Ward Committee system as a means of participation. The Municipality has successfully held all its 66 Ward Committee meetings during the financial year. There are 11 wards that constitute Maphumulo and each ward has got a Ward Committee. Each Ward Committee is required to hold six (6) meetings per annum.

There are 11 Traditional Councils in Maphumulo. These structures have been vital in improving community involvement in public participation.

The Executive Committee has met very month during the financial year to deal with matters that affects the Council. Members of the Executive Committee are also the chairpersons of portfolio committees and they are the ultimate governance structure that is entrusted with the decision making in the municipality.

Training has been conducted to all (110) Ward Committee members in order to capacitate them on their day to day functions. This was done in order to improve public participation processes.