Monday, May 29, 2017
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Municipal Challenges

The following are the developmental challenges faced by Maphumulo Municipality.

• Difficulties in curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS within the municipal area;

• Huge basic services and infrastructure backlogs;

• Water Backlogs – 43 % of the households do not have an adequate supply of water totaling approximately 11811 households.

• Sanitation Backlog  – 78 % of households do not have an adequate service representing approximately 21539 households.

• Electricity Backlogs - 52 %  of households within the Maphumulo Municipal area do not have electricity as a source of lighting.

• Housing 70 % of the Maphumulo population do not have formal housing units accounting for 19324 households.


• Absence of local training and skills development institutions;

• Lack of skills to specifically participate in the local economy;

• High unemployment rate;

• High dependency ratios and poverty levels;

• High illiteracy levels;

• Difficulties in attracting investors into the area;

• Steep and development-unfriendly terrain with scattered settlement patterns;

• Lack of services in the identified development nodes;

• Absence of a waste management facility to cater for both current and future development needs;

• Absence of a revenue base and the resultant grant dependency;

• Inability of the municipality to attract experienced personnel and the existence of vacancies in critical posts;

• Shortage of office space for municipal staff;

• Lack of burial space within the municipality;

• Inadequate inter-governmental alignment and its negative impact on development programs.