Monday, May 29, 2017
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Maphumulo’s Development Vision

Municipal Vision

The municipal vision that was adopted by the municipality as part of its 2007-2011 IDP has not been changed during the 2009/10 review as it still captures the municipality’s values and remains relevant to its priorities and aspirations. The municipality’s “Vision 2015” is:

Maphumulo’s Development Mission

Maphumulo Municipality aims to work towards achieving its long-term vision by:

• Creating an enabling environment for economic development

• Empowering municipal staff and social stakeholders

• Ensuring the participation of marginalized community especially women, youth, disabled and HIV/Aids infected and affected

• Ensuring a clean and safe environment


Maphumulo’s Values & Principles

The municipality will continue to be driven by and observe the following service delivery principles of Batho Pele:

Showing compassion and care to all municipal customers

 Treating all residents with equality, integrity and respect the deserve

 Attending and responding to all queries efficiently Conducting the municipal business processes in an ethical and professional manner